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    UltimateSurrender is Dead because Ariel likes mixed fight more. The last seasons matchups were not appealing enough to compel me to buy any shoots. Most women looked like butch lesbians and not cute women next door except Cheyenne(She's cute),but she didn't have any opponents who were as cute as her(Why no match up against Daisy???) Savannah is cute, but I somehow find her scary so didn't get Savannah vs Cheyenne. This may be one of the reasons why Ultimate surrender stopped being awesome.

    The women need to be dolled up with makeup during the match like in regular porn shoots. Apparently there won't be a next season. That's great ,who needs stupid seasons with ranking and rank  based match ups if the most gorgeous girls don't fight each other and are forced to fight ugly girls and get eliminated early. Also, it did not help having Ariel scream orgasm on the mat and having the referee join round 4.

    Ultimate surrender also needs have a successor with matchups of hot girls vs hot girls with shoots for one match .There should be match ups with storylines like nurse vs nurse or teacher vs teacher with hot porn stars who members vote for match ups based on opinion polls.

    A website with a pool of stars to chose from for matches and a list of scenarios and and settings(locations eg, classroom, gym, boxing ring, mud pit) for members to vote can develop as a great successor to Ultimate surrender instead of the lame Evolved fights.

    One example of a scenario being  Francesca Le vs Ava Adams voted by members, starting as two teachers/professors having an argument during a conference and deciding to settle the issue at a college gym. The fights should be with open hair Glam makeup and Lingerie/costumes (Ultimate surrender should have shuffled things up). Even thinking of this potential match is getting me hard.

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